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Partner with 7-figure global leaders who’ve built massive teams world-wide and mentored thousands to reach their financial goals.
Mastery Level Mentoring, Coaching and Training
  • Build your business confidently with mentors vested in you
  • Eliminate any guesswork with expert step-by-step coaching 
  • Training on How To Get Started, Advanced Networking, Leadership & Millionaire Mindset
VIP Global Inner Circle, Mastermind Community
  • Your success hub for connection, recognition, training, and health
  • 24/7 instant access to the VIP Inner Circle from anywhere in the world
  • Discover the daily routines and mindset secrets of the world’s top performers
Expedite Your Success With A Winning Formula
  • Entry into one of the most explosive businesses today
  • Earn immediate payout and build long-term wealth
  • Live life on your own terms. Work where you want, when you want. Enjoy time freedom

The Opportunity That Created
11 Millionaires in 36 Months!

  • Backed by Billionaire Business Icon Bill Farley
  • Taken 7 of the worlds most recognized brands to a Billion
  • Christian Dior, Chicago White Sox, Fruit of the Loom
  • 1900% growth in 36 months
  • Mission to create 1000 millionaires in the next 5 years
  • Endorsed by Deepak Chopra Center for Wellbeing
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Amber & Dean De Grasse
International entrepreneurs and world adventurers, Amber & Dean De Grasse love building global leadership.

They became top earners and Crown Diamond leaders, creating 44 diamonds and breaking records in Asia and North America.

Their success worldwide has been nationally recognized in Prosper magazine and written about in NYT bestsellers.

Proving hard work pays off they have traveled to almost 60 countries with time freedom.
They have travelled the corners of the world and trained with some the greatest masters of our time.

When you understand your thoughts are energy just as powerful as food! YOU create your life!

Focus on what you want to amplify and you WILL raise the vibration of a 100 trillion cells that are listening.

Life is a precious gift, don't waste it!
Clayton Wagar
Clayton has for more than forty years been an inspiration and driving force in the Network Marketing industry. He is committed to helping people from all walks of life to realize their full potential.

He has extensive experience and understanding of both the power and exponential growth of Network marketing being life changing.

Throughout his career, he’s proven how to bring out the best in people his uncompromising integrity has earned him the respect and appreciation of networking colleagues for more than four decades.

He’s been a top income-producer in several international organizations with thousands of people and millions of dollars in sales volume. Clayton was the first Master Executive to qualify for the Eagle’s Nest and qualify to participate in a check for $250,000.00 and drive home in a new Lexxus. Leading by example, he’s helped inspire countless others to achieve incomes in the tens of thousands per month.

Clayton has also worked at the corporate level consulting, along the way earning international recognition for his innovative leadership, training and promotional skills.
Don & Gina Livingston
International entrepreneurs Don and Gina Livingston love traveling the globe building leaders and teams together.

Originally from Scotland, their love and passion for life has made the past 30 years together, raising 3 wonderful boys an incredible adventure.

Born entrepreneurs they are experts in taking start up business’s and turning them into powerful ventures. They have created and built multiple businesses in hospitality on 2 different continents.

Their expertise in building and owning companies expanded into manufacturing, consulting and land development.

Don & Gina's strength lies in not only building massive teams worldwide but importantly mentoring them to reach their financial goals.

On top of building in various markets, they understand the importance of a powerful system.

They love living near the ocean, enjoy cooking a fine meal, and appreciate a good bottle of wine.

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